18 Times Airport Security Worked

18 Times Airport Security Worked In the Worst Manner

Airport security check very assure and carefully unless there people armed with guns and bombs even coming with the grenades to the nation. Sometimes the security checks will come in to the public display. There are some checking gestures and the way to touch the person even they will be checked the person through sensors. This is the worst condition in the airport security. There are some 18 stories where the staffs of the airport security in the world have been caught on camera while testing the humanity of travelers.

She is smiling, don’t smile ma’am. They are expert at snatching once when they see it.


  1. “ What they are searching for”
  2. “This is really degrading the humanity of a person”

4.”Looked on her Eyes. Now it’s pretending to seen as they are lying. They might consider as a bomber. Really?

  •   “Yes everyone wont like this, but who has dare to ask us?”
  •   ” This is very suspicious ma’am.”


  1. “There is no belt then you must be hiding a bomb because that’s the foolish logic.”

“Yeah there is no weapon to destroy it, but they are checking sir.”

“No you don’t need to move. We don’t care for any person even we are degrading the personal space. I am just checking the bombs that you hidden in.”

“Old ladies must carry the bombs and most powerful weapons with them. Even they are in wheelchairs too”

“There is no need to make faces sir.”

  • “I’m instructed to do this job, dear. Now you need to strip your dress.

13.”There is a little more checking and we will humiliate you until it completes.”

” Now quick my honey. Take them completely down.”

I think there must be a grenade?

“You might hidden a gun there and we want to check it.”

“Just look at the face ma’am, you just need to look at me and take them off.”

“It’s my job and I am instructed to do this. It might feel humiliating you.”


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