Chinese Women Are Getting Crazy

Chinese Women Are Getting Crazy Over This A4 Waist Challenge And You Will Know Why

So, here is the latest news from China that they are making social media challenges and they are crazy over it. Even it includes the challenges like Condom. There was a challenge that the woman has to measure her waist through A4 sized sheet.

This is the most viral challenge in Chona

It has been trended almost a week in social media.

  • Yes! They were used the A4 sized sheet to measure the waist of the women in China.

Then you have to see what’s gone wrong there.

It shows us that the flat belly and normal waist are good for the person to maintain fitness.

You might be thinking about an A4 sized sheet now.

It’s just 21 centimeters wide.

Just 21 centimeters it is!

So, women have posted about it and get succeed too. They even think that it is healthy.

Critics and media have slammed this dumbest thing and mentioned this as “fitness” goal.

Most of the people have shunned this challenge and said that it is going to be a humbug.

Now Barbie seems more realistic

Ladies have to calm down and have to know that this is the nonsense thing.

Lots of people have taken it as fun and made fun of it too.

Now the case reversed, they all are supporting this initiative.

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